Would you ever go into combat without professional soldiers as your guide? Growing a successful brand truly is a series of battles. Why go in alone? We’ve been a part of making the results crush every expectation. When the magic happened. We live to share our experience with great people and ride that ride again.

Define your brand in a sentence. What is your brand’s personality? What is the emotional connection your brand makes? What is the promise your brand delivers on? What is your position in the marketplace? If you are rusty on any of this, that’s where we come in.

You know your business better than we ever will. We understand creating and building strong brands better than you ever will. That understood, we combine our experience and strengths, and work together to build something great. Fact is, relationships like that are what make us tick.

So how does it work? We serve as educators and field guides while we help you captain your mission through the eyes of brand mavens. We empower our clients to operate how others have to build the strongest brands in the world. We are here to help along the way, but you are at the helm.

Most ask us for a new website or some other marketing service. But we know that most clients need to get to the heart of their brand first. So this is where we start with everyone. The Brand Learnshop is where we share our decades of experience with you so you can use it every day.


When you view the world through the eyes of a brand maven it is empowering. You make decisions based on what is best for your brand. It’s how you hire and fire. How you lead your staff. What you portray in your marketing. It’s how you walk the walk. You can’t quantify the benefits.

At this point in our careers, we only want to spend our time creating great stories with great people. Regardless of how involved we are with your business after our initial encounters, we become your biggest fans. If you embrace what we share, there will be many victories to count.

Brand Learnshop

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